fur + foam = fox?





Yesterday I had a foam manikin and a wet fox fur covered in tanning solution.

Today we arrived to class and began by “pre fitting” our manikins.  Essentially, we dressed the manikins in wet fur to see if they fit.  It reminded me of trying on skinny jeans at H&M.  You never know what size to choose and you have to do quite a bit of pulling and tugging.  Even after all of that, you are not quite sure they fit right or not.  Manikin adjustments were made.  This involved Bondo, super glue, staples, dry wall screws, hot glue, wire, duct tape, bubblegum and anything else we could think of.  It will all be covered in fur after all is said and done.

Once the manikins were properly fitted, we washed the pelts in Tide again and gave them a good rinse.  Next it was off to the washing machine where we dried them off with a quick run through the spin cycle.  Yup, the spin cycle in the washing machine.  Now you know the secret.  As they were spinning, we set the eyes in something called critter clay.  

From there, we went on to begin sewing the fur on to the manikins.  I am told it will all look great in the end.  Right now it looks as if a drunk, cross-eyed fox got caught in a rain storm. . . . Image

My manikin waiting for a fitting (and a head).


Dennis shows how to set eyes.Image

It looks very life like, don’t you think???Image

Zach sews his bobcat.Image

Rob sews his coyote.

ImageWorking hard on my fox.



One thought on “fur + foam = fox?

  1. Enjoyed the series, Kimberly, especially the ‘how-to’, not thatI plan to do any. Looks like you had a great time. Bill

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