It was so life-like. . .

The day started with this conversation:

Zach:  I sent my sister a picture of my bobcat last night. . . 

Kimberly:  What did she have to say?

Zach:  She asked why it had a bag on its’ head.

Kimberly:  What did you tell her?

Zach:  I told her it was so life-like someone tried to kill it again.  

We retrieved our animals from the freezer, bagged heads and all. One gets the sense that a hostage crisis at the zoo would be similar in appearance.   Apparently, the bags keep the clay moist until we can put the finishing touches on our “mounts.”  We then proceeded to sew the legs and fill the toes and paws with more critter clay.  Dennis then showed us how to set the eyes.  When he does it, it appears easy.  You simply place a few pins in strategic locations and voila!  It actual practice it is much harder than it looks, especially when you need both eyes to match.  

By the end of the day, I had a somewhat more sober looking fox.  He has moved from looking drunk, wet and cross-eyed to looking really hung-over and a bit more dry.   

Tomorrow it all comes together.


Zach’s bobcat – I get the sense he is trying to escape. I can’t say I blame him. Image

My Fox, on the work stand. Image

Dennis shows how to fix the eyes.Image

It looks sooooooooo easy.


Dennis’ demo fox


As I said, hung-over and slightly drier.


The ears still need a LITTLE bit of work.


Closer. . . 


Rob watches as Keith sews his otter tail back together.


Rob with his almost finished howling coyote.


More work on the bear skin rug. 




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