. . . . drumroll please.

On the first day of class, Dennis warned us that “slippage can happen at any time.”  In case you were wondering, slippage is taxidermist-talk for large chunks of hair falling out.  Unfortunately, I had a bit of slippage on the last day of class.  Aside from that, my fox looks pretty darn foxy.  

Allow me to explain – today we arrived at 7 am since we needed a bit of extra time to get everything finished and ready for the long process of drying (it takes 7-14 days I am told).  As luck would have it, I had a great chance to play the girl-card today (this does not come up often when you are attending taxidermy school in Northern Wisconsin).  The main task:  using a blow dryer and a hair brush to fluff up the fur and take out all of the knots!  PLEASE, you call that difficult?  My childhood summers were spent crying as my mother used a comb and “no more tangles” conditioner to tame my post swim lesson dread locks.  This was far less painful (at least for me).  Sadly, Mr. Fox had a bit of slippage on the back of his ears so he will need some bald patches repaired.  Other than that, he looks fluffy and fabulous.  In a related story, there seems to be something behind him which really interests him. ..

He is currently drying in the “painting room” at A.I.T.  He is hanging out with a bunch of air brush kits and a bobcat who is leaping for an as yet invisible pheasant. I am still trying to think of a good name for my fox. . . any suggestions?  And speaking of pheasants, birds start next week.  Stay tuned.  



The wire in his nose is intended to keep his nostrils round while they dry.  The wire on his ears keeps them from curling.


Here he is. . . fluffy, don’t you think?



What the hell is that darn bobcat jumping after??


The bobcat has a bit of slippage around his eyes, but he is still looking pretty intent on that invisible bird. Image

Were you wondering about the fish of Wisconsin?  I knew you were.  ImageBird forms waiting and ready for next week’s excitement.  


2 thoughts on “. . . . drumroll please.

  1. Well, there many things that could be described by the term slippage. However none shall be found On this page. Foxy Lady seems a good choice even though she is a he, perhaps no one will ever know. What will be your next bird subject? I hope it isn’t the “the bird man” of Miami.

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