Strange Cargo

When I picked my husband up at the Trans Bridge Bus station last week, he hopped in the car and said “hang on, you need to listen to this phone message.”  Intrigued, I listened.

Message:  “Walt, it’s Slim.  Loni is freaking out about the cicadas in the freezer.  You gotta do something.  Okay, bye.”

Allow me to explain.  For the past several months, there has been quite a bit of hype about the coming of the 17 year cicadas.  It seemed we were in for a plague of biblical proportions.  Naturally, I started thinking of all of the nifty things I might be able to do with the tons of dead cicadas which would litter the ground at the end of this plague.  To my dismay (I think?) not a single cicada appeared in High Bridge.  Ho hum.  What to do with all of my plans?  Then it occurred to me – maybe someone else has cicadas and would be willing to save them for me!  My husband volunteered his friends Steve and Loni for the task. (I am sure they were thrilled). The day after receiving the message, I drove to NY and picked up a zip lock bag of cicadas which Steve and Loni had dutifully collected and placed in their freezer.  What are friends for?

If my Honda could talk, it would have stories to tell.  The car ride back from Wisconsin really contained some strange cargo – Leinenkugel’s, pickles, deer antlers and taxidermy.  “Why yes, officer, I have been to Wisconsin. . ”

A couple of years ago, my father in law and brother in law devised a special birthday gift for me.  I call it my roadkill CSI kit.  It contains everything a roadkill-picker-upper might possibly need.  It also makes me look like a serial killer just a little bit.


This is a taxidermy road trip version of “Where’s Waldo?”  This car contains:  10 jars of Milwaukee’s Best Pickles, a case of Leinenkugels, a fox, a pheasant and a mallard along with a bag full of deer antlers.


Phineas only regrets he can’t put his head out the window.


A disappointing end to a 17 year journey.


My father in law devised this road kill pick up kit.  It is pretty awesome.  Sadly, I never use the gloves.

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