Meet Buster!

I am sure you have been waiting on the edge of your seat for my next blog post. . .well wait no more.  I have been busy putting my taxidermy training to good use.  I am sure Dennis will be proud.  My first taxidermy sculpture is officially complete.  I began work on it earlier this summer. . .here are the dirty details:


I have assembled my  own taxidermists tool kit.  You may want to think twice before asking me to borrow any pliers or scissors (just sayin’).  I also ordered the requisite preservatives, knives and scalpels from the taxidermy supply company.


I will spare you the gory bits. . .but suffice it to say that I managed to divest this roadkill squirrel of his fur.  In an ode to my photographic roots, I did much of the “divesting” in this photo tray which really helped to control all of the dirty bits.  You may also want to think twice before asking to borrow a photo tray. . .


While I managed to avoid the dreaded “slippage” I was apparently a bit overzealous with the tail de-boning and ended up with this little stranded bit.  I think there may be some super glue in its’ future.  The light bulb is used to turn the skin inside out while I clean off the extra bits of . . . well you know.


Here he is packed and ready to go back to the freezer while I wait for the manikin to arrive.


The manikin has arrived and I have used a bit of Tide to freshen up the situation.  I must admit, things don’t look terribly hopeful at this point.


My manikin in the process of being dressed.  He seems to be looking out the window longingly, don’t you think?


He looks like some kind of mascot who is really sweaty after cheering hard for the winning team.


Here he is pinned and ready to dry.  Notice he is sitting in his candy dish pedestal!


Meet Buster!  (He just seems like a “Buster” to me).  He is perched atop a pile of milk glass plates and dishes along with a cool tea pot.


Here is a detail of the top part of the crazy concoction.  In classic Kimberly fashion, it is held together with Gaf tape, velcro and MAGNETS!  The little pink plastic bird sticking out of the tea pot spout was found out in my yard along with a vast array of miscellaneous other junk.


Buster:   up close and personal.


This is a little dish of acorns in a milk glass stand under a bell jar.  I guess the subtext is that Buster is just protecting his nuts from the high ground. . . or something like that.  But really, who isn’t?

4 thoughts on “Meet Buster!

  1. I couldn’t help notice the pink handled scissors! Is this a cry for feminism or is buster really a girl? Also remind me not to eat any candy from your “candy dishes”. Who knows who’s been sitting in there before? Love the post and can’t wait for the next episode in photographer turns naturalist.

  2. LOVE Buster! And his nuts. I especially like the middle steps where he looks like he’s putting on an evening gown. The stagehands here want to know where the Busters go after the photos.

  3. Those stagehands are always so curious. The non-taxidermied Busters end up buried in the woods behind the house. Buster will be manning his tower of dishes at a few upcoming exhibitions of my work!

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