your token taxidermist friend

Yes, that’s me.  Since I graduated from taxidermy school in June, it has become abundantly clear to me that all of my friends and relations have been concealing a burning passion for all things taxidermied.  There is no other explanation for the sheer number of emails, facebook links and text messages I receive letting me know about great ideas for new taxidermy pieces, taxidermy gone horribly awry, taxidermy gifts I might like. . .   I am thrilled to act as an outlet for your taxidermy passions.  By all means, continue to send your discoveries my way.

I share with you a few of the highlights (in no particular order):

1.  That taxidermy chess set.  Yeah, you know the one.  It is made up of white mice and black mice and it can be custom made for just for you.

chess set

I fear some of the mice may have a thyroid problem of some ilk as their eyes are really bugging out of their heads.  That having been said, Walter Potter would be proud.  Don’t know who Walter Potter is?  Not to worry, I am getting to that.  If you want to order one of these fabulous sets, you can do so here:

They are hand made in Pensacola Florida using mice purchased from a snake feed supplier.  Speaking of snakes. . .



chipmunk riding a snake.  What can you really say?

chipmunk riding a snake. What can you really say?

This is frequently suggested as something I might either enjoy as a gift or perhaps reproduce in my studio.  I really have no words to describe this, which is saying something.

3. All things Walter Potter.  For those of you who may not know, Walter Potter was the father of “anthropomorphic taxidermy.”  Here are a few examples (first, a picture of the man himself):


Guests at the Kitten's wedding.

Guests at the Kitten’s wedding.


kittens-tea-party_1737744i animals

The kitten wedding shown above is one of the most famous of Potter’s works.  I would rather not ponder where one would obtain such a vast number of dead kittens but the result is simultaneously cute, funny and completely terrifying.  Other famous works include the bunny school (so many dead bunnies!) and the kitten tea party. His most famous work is called “The Death of Cock Robin” it is based upon a popular British children’s book.  A book and film about Potter’s work have recently been created.  You can view a teaser for the film here:

Sadly, Potter’s collection which had been housed in one museum was recently sold at auction.  Damien Hirst reportedly offered over 1 million pounds for the entire collection, his bid was turned down by the auction house resulting in a law suit.

2 thoughts on “your token taxidermist friend

  1. Hi Ms. Witham – I was lucky to take a Photography class from you at Bucks a few years back. Now, I think it would be a great idea for you to start up a taxidermy department at Bucks – I will be your first student! Danielle Duffy

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