on thrift.

For quite a while, I was able to construct still life photos using dishes, plates and other ephemera found around my house.  Unless one happens to be a hoarder, running out of props happens.  (In case you were wondering, Walter points out that the world’s largest ball of twine is a monument to thrift. . but I digress as usual).  I am fairly certain that I have managed to locate the best thrift outlets in the mid-atlantic/northeast.  Boyden’s attic, just up the road from me in NJ is my absolute favorite.  Rob, whom I refer to as “my guy” in the way that people from NJ have “a guy” is my favorite junk dealer.  A close second is the Johnny cake center in Westerly, RI.  A big thanks to my good friend and master of all things fabulous Adam Crowe for sending me to this palace of “junque.”  (you know, fancy junk).

Last week, I was home in RI and in the market for some cheap tea pots – lots of cheap tea pots.  My mom and I took a trek to the Johnny cake center and I managed to snag 10 tea pots, 2 vases and a pedestal dish for 41 bucks. .  .oh yeah, and I also bought my mom a quilting book (25 cents, I am the last of the big spenders).


Clearly, this is the go to place for still life aficionados.


As if they know what I am looking for, they have all of the items sorted by color and style!


Hmmm.  Joseph Kosuth anyone?  (go ahead, google it)


Seems like a good deal. . . but thanks anyway I think I’ll pass.


I assume you would like Lou Monte to sing just for you.  Who wouldn’t really with that pompadour?


$41 dollars worth of awesome.  These tea pots will be appearing soon with taxidermy and other goodies.

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