The little taxidermist in training.

I spent last week visiting family in Rhode Island. One night over dinner my mom announced that she had been “cleaning out the attic” by which she meant filling a dumpster. I looked at my mother, said a prayer and asked “you didn’t throw out the mouse house, did you??

I have been thinking about that mouse house quite a bit of late. You see, as a child I HATED dolls and really loved stuffed animals (surprising, I know). When Santa presented me with a doll one Christmas I sobbed uncontrollably for an hour “doesn’t Santa know I don’t like dolls???!!!” The next year, my mom got smart and constructed a toy which could not lose. I present to you the mouse house. It is intended to look like a hollowed out tree. It comes complete with shag carpeting and 70s era wallpaper. It is probably the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received. As a bonus, it is populated by small handmade mice which are covered in actual fur. What kind of fur you ask? I have no idea but I am pretty sure these babies were inspired by Walter Potter. They were made in Germany by someone who was clearly both brilliant and kind of creepy – two qualities I support wholeheartedly. I will allow the photos to do the rest of the explaining:

Mouse House

Here it is! Look at those fabulous rugs.


Here is the entire family in all their glory.


As you can see, they have taken a bit of damage from years in the attic. I think this guy is meant to be a golfer. Sadly, he lost his clubs and some of his mystery fur.



The dollhouse is filled with all of the necessary accoutrements. It looks as if someone had some sticky fingers and pilfered some of the silver.


I think it is pretty clear how this story is going to end.


Upstairs Mr. Mouse is napping while Mrs. Mouse uses the WC.



Downstairs the ladies are waiting for the mouse chef to prepare a meal.

As a final side note, my niece Sage played with this for years. I am just waiting to see how that turns out.

3 thoughts on “The little taxidermist in training.

  1. Hey I just made the time to get caught up on email and posts I follow. As always, this is another great story about the creative influences/origins of a talented artist. I really love this stuff. More, please.

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